Patrick Neal

NYC based. I create still life paintings that exist as reference points for musing on the creation of artworks themselves. I select objects based on their sensuality, texture and immediate visual appeal and I accentuate the materiality of the objects when I paint them. I hope to demonstrate my mind and body at work in the creative process and I try to convey how I see, think and navigate around a setup to understand it. My props are diaristic materials gleaned from travels to, from and within the studio; found objects, snapshots, tracings, sketches or aspects of the books, words and notes I am reading and writing about. My paintings have increasingly emphasized materiality and the process of their own making.

I collect, artificial flowers, fabric, recycled packaging materials, glass and paper and snippets of photos and written pages and I recycle my own drawings and cast-off detritus. This ephemera triggers visceral, sensual responses and acts as thought-starters with which to investigate a variety of subjects whether personal, art historical, topical or the physicality and plasticity of the given mediums I'm employing.

My paintings may allude to a narrative, abstraction or state of mind with an homage to a particular artist I admire or an oblique reference to current events. I approach my writing and painting in an impressionistic way, gathering thoughts and insights as they appear, circling around a subject in order to address it more directly. This is turn, opens the door to new inquiries. By compounding multiple sources, references and actual paint layers, I conceive of my paintings to be structured like poems where a distinct theme emerges surrounded by flurries and tangents pertaining to different and seemingly unrelated material.

Photo by Aitana Colina